The primary purpose of the investigations we carry out is to ensure a safe interaction between people and the machines and equipment they use at work. However, we also examine the immediate surroundings, the maintenance situation and combinations of machines, for both major production lines and free-standing equipment.

Themag B.V. ’s consultants have a solid technical background, which means we also can perform damage assessment and technical calculations. In these areas too our attention remains focused on safety.

The so-called social EU directives represent an important source of information for our work. In particular for many years the consultants of  Themag B.V. have followed closely the changes and additions to the framework directive aimed at improving health and safety at work, and the associated EU directives. However, investigations into safety at work are always based on national legislation, which contains the complete package of requirements laid down for employers and their employees. We therefore keep abreast of the developments in legislation relating to safety requirements for machines and equipment.