CE marking of machines
Course code: 60054
This course is fully based on the latest edition of the Machinery Directive, whereby the EMC Directive and the Low Voltage Directive also receive the necessary attention. The entire process for CE marking of machines is completed in two days. The course is a solid basis for interpreting the CE guidelines yourself, making risk assessments and drawing up documentation.
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CE marking of medical devices
Course code: 60072
The EC Medical Devices Directive has been continuously updated since its introduction in 1998. In this course, the framework of legislation, European and national, is explained on the basis of practice. While the entire process for the CE marking is completed, you get a complete picture of the requirements for medical devices. This course is intended for manufacturers, importers and buyers.
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Construction products and CE marking
Course code: 60141
The transition from the old Construction Products Directive to the EU Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) affects existing CE marked products. This course explains how the EU regulation is applied in practice, how to deal with type approvals or type calculations (ITT) and how the production control (FPC) can be set up. The Declaration of Performance and labeling also receive a lot of attention. An overview of the requirements for at least two specific product standards is also examined. It is therefore recommended to indicate your own specific topics in advance.
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Machinery Safety for Owners
Course code: 60012
In a block of two days, all ins and outs are practiced with assessing machine safety in a company. You can immediately apply the acquired knowledge to your own situation. Both theoretical and practical information is given about the Working Conditions Act and the RIE and the CE marking also receives a lot of attention. During the course, a practical test is also taken in a cooperating company.
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Writing user instructions
Course code: 60091
An integral part of the delivery of CE marked products is the documentation in which the new owner reads how to handle them. The employer also often draws up its own instructions for work equipment. In this training, much attention is paid to the various choices in the form of the instructions for use, the structure, content and the use of language. Communicating the information in clear form and language ensures that the new owner of the product uses it as intended. This course is suitable for anyone who needs to write user manuals and instruction sheets.