CE marking can be a real headache for many firms. This may be due to the lack of in-house expertise or simply because of a lack of available time.

Our aim is to allow the CE marking process to progress as smoothly as possible and to ensure that the things that are of the greatest concern to you do not stagnate. In fact, it is frequently possible to speed them up.

We at Themag B.V. can undertake some of the tasks for you, such as carrying out risk analyses, interpreting law texts and standards and writing instruction manuals.

Companies working on a cooperative project often have questions about how responsibilities should be shared, e.g. Who is responsible for the CE marking? Where should we store the documentation? We will help you to find the best answer to these questions.

Themag B.V. is also often asked to evaluate new or modified production lines. The first step is to answer the questions whether CE marking is necessary and who is to be named as manufacturer.

If an external agency, such as a Notified Body, needs to be involved Themag B.V. can guide and support you through the approval process.

Themag B.V. can also be of assistance during the procurement process. It is by no means unusual for a supplier to have a different interpretation of the CE marking from the customer. In such cases Themag B.V. can assist you in discussions regarding the application of the requirements.

Naturally our advice is set out clearly in our reports.