Technical Risk Inventory and Evaluation

The risk inventory and risk evaluation as carried out by Themag B.V. is a technical procedure and supplements the systematic assessment of health and safety. Our reports contain a lot of images, whereby attention can be directed more easily to areas that need to be improved. This also enables people within the organisation who are not familiar with the machine or equipment concerned to take part in the discussion and decision-making process for risk reducing.

The first step in any risk assessment of health and safety at work is to determine which legislation is applicable. Depending on the production year CE marking may be involved. In all cases the condition of the production equipment must be compared with the with the legal requirements applicable now. In addition, the specific use of the equipment must be examined, and this means looking not only at how it is used by the operator, but also how it is handled by a maintenance engineer or a cleaner. Many items of equipment are modified during their use. It is important to examine the value of these modifications (can this be considered to be a new machine?). This will determine the correct list of requirements for use with the assessment. Frequently, relatively old work equipment (with no CE) have never been subjected to a risk assessment.

In all cases it will be necessary to make adjustments. The description of the measures to be taken gives a description of all the improvements, listed in order of priority.